About LiveWELLMomz

Livewellmomz, LLC specializes in providing customizable fitness training plans and nutritional guidance virtually to members nationwide.

Our mission is to inspire all women and men to live fit and well via an interactive private online platform.

We engage members with innovative new ways of fitness interaction via social media.

Livewellmomz, LLC encourage a lifestyle approach to living well without endorsing any specific products for nutrition or fitness, only clean healthy eating in moderation, Challenge Training, Go Live Classes and Run Training to strengthen the mind and body.

Additional focus:

Fitness Coaching – Facilitates adoption of healthy behavioral changes to improve long-term fitness. Coaching is goal-oriented and client-centered to explore and resolve ambivalence and improve consistency of strength, cardiovascular routine and diet.

Team culture – Provides a supportive virtual environment to improve fitness motivation, build confidence in members and create meaningful connections. This allows us to tap into the hidden potential of all members and bring out the best in their abilities.


Hi LiveWELLMomz & Dadz!

My name is Alysha Flynn and health and wellness is my passion! From a young age, my life has been a wellness journey.

I earned a bachelors degree in Health Science in 2010 from The State University of New York at Buffalo. I focused my studies on exercise science, nutrition, psychology and wellness. In 2015 I went on to earn a Masters in Business Administration from Eastern University.

My personal LiveWELL journey took an extraordinary turn the moment I became a mother. Suddenly my journey was no longer about just keeping my own body fit. It’s about providing the best quality of life for my new family. We are a TEAM, and I’m going to do my best to keep this team healthy!

Where you are is not where you have to stay!



LiveWELLMomz is dedicated to my beautiful friend and mentor, Kelly McGhin. Thank you for being my strength. Till we meet again. “True success is what you inspire other to do.”