Fall into YOUR Skinny Jeans Challenge: Graduation Day!

Happy Graduation Day!!!

(Click through YouTube Skinny Jeans Playlist for today’s workout: Day 31)


Exercise Sets Reps Additional details
Floor Touch Squat Jumps 3 10-15 reps
 Hop-Plank & Roll  3  10 reps
 Hop Potato  3  10 reps

(Complete all at once w/ 1-2 minute breaks in between or do a set in the morning, afternoon and evening). Remember, you can do a modified version today of previous exercises.

  • Not sure which modification to pick? Always pick beginner or intermediate to start.
  • Remember, there is only 1 exercises for 3 sets today :). The boot camp starts over each week.



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Please Read our General Disclaimer before participating.


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