For followers of our page who want to join us for a virtual GO LIVE workout!

Drop in!

Check out our public LiveWELLMomz facebook page on Mondays for announcements to register and join our private team for a virtual fitness class.

Class details, day and time will be listed. Please read them before registering.

If you can make it, then register! If not, wait till the next one!

Join me in my living room and our teammates from around the country for a 35 minute workout for all levels.

Please read our General Disclaimer


40 minute Back Sculpt to target “bra overflow”

Tuesday 5/22 @ 7:45 PM EST

Equipment: Variety of dumbbells


40 minute TBD

Thursday 5/24 @ 5:15 AM EST

Equipment: TBD


$8.99 / class