Kate H.

In the past year, I had a baby, bought a new house and moved into it, transferred from one location to another within my company and then left and got a new job. Collectively, it wreaked havoc on my diet and my waistline. My husband got sick of listening to me complain about my weight and general unhealthiness and unhappiness so I contacted ARod.
Over the phone, I explained to ARod that I wanted to get in shape, lose weight and just get healthy. She guided me through a plan for both diet and exercise. Since we spoke, I started running 3-4 times per week, started watching my portions at meal times. I constantly think about it now- is this the right choice and is this the right amount? In addition to sore muscles (which actually feels great to know i’m working hard), I’ve lost a few pounds, feel mentally clearer and have started to sleep really well (amazing progress for a chronic insomniac)! I’m grateful because as a full-time working mother, I don’t have time to research a nutritionist and/or spend countless hours meeting to review complicated plans. Power packed phone calls with great information and a friendly, motivating coach was all I needed!
Thanks ARod for your wellness expertise, it is much appreciated!